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Why Use An Agent?
You want your home to sell as quickly and as profitably as possible.  However, selling your home is a complex - and often emotional - process, involving large sums of money  and stringent legal requirements.
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Setting the Price
Arriving at an accurate estimate of value for your home involves analyzing 
your home and comparing it to other similar homes for sale or recently sold in the  neighbourhood. It may also include a broader market survey, using sales statistics available only to a qualified REALTOR®.

Marketing Your Home
Your REALTOR® will develop a marketing plan to help sell your home quickly,  
effectively and for the best possible price. This plan may  include:

 - A listing on the MLS® system (Multiple Listing Service®) to maximize your home's
   market exposure.  Only REALTORS® have access to the MLS® which puts your
   home in front of a huge base of potential buyers. .
 - Promotion on, the public web portal of the MLS® which enables the
   public to preview properties for sale.

 - Open Houses for other REALTORS® and for the public.
 - Advertising in newspapers, specialty publicatons, direct mail pieces,  
   cable T.V. and the brokerage and REALTOR®'s websites.
 - Access to a large pool of out-of-town buyers, relocating to Ottawa.
 - Tips and hints for staging your home in the best possible light. 

Pre-Qualifying Potential Buyers
Your RE/MAX Affiliates REALTOR® knows how to separate the "lookers" from the "buyers", identifying those  who are likely to be interested in your home and, just as importantly, qualified to buy it. This ensures only serious buyers visit your house.

Your REALTOR® has the knowledge and experience to negotiate an agreement on your behalf. He or she will assist in negotiating a better offer, acting as a mediator between you and buyer to head off any potential conflicts, and will participate in drawing up a legally binding contract that protects your interests.

Closing the Deal
Closing is the point at which ownership and usually possession of the property is transferred from you to the buyer. It takes place after the parties involved agree that all legal and financial obligations have been met. Your REALTOR® will do much of the work, and show you what to expect as the process unfolds including:   

  • Making sure a copy of the signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale is sent to your lawyer right away. 
  • Immediately begin satisfying any of the conditions of the agreement that require your action. These have definite dates attached to them and if you miss one you may have to arrange an extension or possibly risk losing the entire deal. As each condition is met, your REALTOR® will fill out a waiver form for signatures.
  • After the conditions have been met, get all further documents to your lawyer. Electronic registration and title insurance have significantly changed the way titles on properties are transferred.
  • If no current land survey exists on the property, arrange for one soon. 
  • Contact your lending institution to begin the process of finalizing mortgage documents. 
  • Your lawyer will contact the buyer's lawyer with any questions or issues regarding title and costs.
  •  You REALTOR® will give you a list of phone numbers so you can contact the utilities and telephone and cable companies well in advance to  discontinue services.   

RE/MAX Ottawa Sales Representatives have the knowledge, the training and the experience to effectively market your home and to look out for your best interests throughout the entire selling process.      

 *Information courtesy of Ontario Real Estate Association